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Dallas, TX – Indie record label Eastwood Music Group proudly presents their debut vinyl 7” release “The Way It Should Be” b/w “The Waiting Time” from classic R&B disciples Bastards of Soul.

Recorded at Niles City Sound in Fort Worth over the spring of 2019, “The Way It Should Be” has a vibrant southern pulse that recalls Wilson Pickett’s finest Stax/Atlantic years. Engineered and co-produced by the esteemed Josh Block (who was part of the same team that shaped the sound of Leon Bridges’ debut), the A-side’s “The Way It Should Be” finds singer Chadwick Murray riding a tough rhythm with the perfect blend of sweetness and grit. 

And on the flip side, “The Waiting Time” is pure soul bliss; a stellar last call groove with longing vocals from Murray, and a downright Cropper-esque solo from guitarist Chris Holt. It’s a tasty slice of soul with a tight pocket and smooth brass riding off into the night with a soulful sax lead sealing it with warmth.

Friends for 30 years, Eastwood owners Luke Sardello and Jeff “Skin“ Wade have wanted to collaborate on a label since DJing together in the late 90s. When they heard the incredible live chemistry of the Bastards at a live show in the summer of 2018, they knew the time was right to start the label they’d been discussing for decades. Loose plans were hatched that night for a 45 of two great R&B covers. However, fast-forward 18 months later, and instead Eastwood Music is now bursting onto the scene with two beautiful original soul joints rooted in a vintage sound.
Chadwick Murray

Sardello cut his teeth on the retail side of the vinyl business working at the legendary Bill’s Records and Tapes as a teenager in the late 80s where he and Wade first met. A life-long, avid vinyl collector with a genuine affection for the record-collecting culture, Sardello and business partner Waric Cameron opened Dallas’ Josey Records retail store in Fall of 2014. Word of mouth quickly grew and they now have three additional locations in Lubbock, Kansas City and Tulsa.

With Skin’s music background as a producer/writer/arranger and Sardello’s experience with independent labels and record stores, Eastwood has the pedigree to become a formidable player in the world of funk, soul and beyond.

Bastards of Soul were formed in 2016 by bassist Danny Balis and keyboardist Chad Stockslager, who’d been gigging together in country bands for close to a decade but wanted to further explore the beautiful soulful sounds of the American south that was such a familiar cousin to what they’d already been playing. 

Balis, Stockslager, Holt and Murray are all revered veterans of the DFW music scene with intertwining musical connections that go back to the early 2000’s. Adding drummer Matt Trimble to steady the groove was an absolute rhythmic coup. And with Murray embracing the microphone for the first time in his musical journey, the sound was born.

Manufactured and distributed by Josey Records, the single “The Way It Should Be” b/w “The Waiting Time” will be available November 15th on all streaming sites and physically available through Josey Records  as well as other local record stores. It’s available online through Josey Records, Bandcamp, Discogs and Amazon.

The full-length debut album Spinnin’ is set for release in February of 2020 through Eastwood Music Group.

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