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How To Care For Your Records

Whether you're new to buying and collecting vinyl or are a seasoned veteran, caring for your records ensures that they have a long life so they can provide listening enjoyment for decades to come if cared for properly. As this classic Columbia Records graphic illustrates, there are a few steps you should take in caring for your vinyl:
Following these simple guidelines will keep your records in excellent visual and listening condition:

• The proper way to handle your records is either on the edges or on one edge and the center label. Avoid touching the grooves as dirt and oil from your fingers can get into the grooves and degrade it over time.

• Avoid leaving your records and record covers in direct sunlight. Never ever leave your records in the car, particularly in the Summer. Sunlight fades record covers over time and can warp your records when exposed directly.

• Always store your records vertically, not stacked on top of each other. Records stacked on top of each other will eventually warp, especially at higher temperatures like a garage or non-air conditioned environment. Use a record crate or appropriate shelving to store them vertically.

• Cleaning your records from time to time is important. Use a record cleaning kit or record cleaning solution with a soft anti-static cloth to wipe down your records periodically to remove oil and dirt from the grooves. Never use an alcohol-based solution.

• Lastly, your turntable's needle does not last forever. A damaged or old needle will eventually damage the grooves on your records. Change the needle on your cartridge every 1-2 years and use a needle cleaning kit to clean your needle periodically.

Record Care Accessories

Vinyl Styl Ultimate Record Care Kit
Kit includes everything you need to keep your vintage vinyl sounding great and your new releases in pristine shape for years to come.

Deep Cleaning Record Brush
1.25oz Record Cleaning Fluid
Anti-Static Record Brush
Anti-Static Stylus Cleaner
Stylus Cleaning Brush

Vinyl Styl LP Deep Cleaning System
Kit includes a record brush and cleaning fluid to keep your vintage vinyl sounding great.

Deep Cleaning Record Brush
1.25oz Record Cleaning Fluid

Vinyl Styl Stylus Cleaning Kit
Protect and preserve your valuble record stylus

Comes with a cap applicator so you can apply a small amount of fluid to the stylus brush

Will not leave residue on the stylus Vinyl Styl’s Stylus Cleaning Kit is easy to use. Using the cap applicator, apply a small amount of the cleaning fluid to the stylus brush and gently remove dust and dirt build-up on your valuable record stylus. Fluid will not leave a residue on the stylus.

Vinyl Styl Anti-Static Brush
Anti-static Micro Fiber record cleaning brush to gently remove dust from your vinyl.